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Eslam Adel and Partners Establishment

 Since 2005

Since our inception in 2005, we have believed in the importance of collective institutional action to secure and protect our clients from companies and individuals and preserve their legal rights.

This prompted us to establish a network of the best law firms and establish companies in Egypt (Cairo - Alexandria) and abroad (UAE - Saudi Arabia) to always be fully prepared to serve our clients at the local and international level. 


Professor / Eslam

Legal and institutional advisor and managing partner

Trust and building a sustainable relationship is the fuel of our relationship with our clients. We believe that the main role of a lawyer is legal coverage and prior protection for the client first, then providing solutions to problems and protecting the client's rights and interests before others secondly. 
Because of our belief that professional work is a work based on personal capabilities, experiences and accumulated knowledge, the company places most of its investment in its legal team. We believe that qualified cadres are the basic guarantee for the quality of the outputs of professional work in order to achieve customer satisfaction. 
We also believe that our investment in governed professional work and building well-studied procedures and work models is what enabled us to achieve the difficult equation (speed / efficiency and quality). 
We seek to be your legal ally, and we are certain of your satisfaction with the results.

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