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Our Services

Eslam Adel & Partners provides its legal services through a team of the best lawyers in Egypt and the Middle East at the highest degree of experience and professionalism through a network of the best law firms inside and outside Egypt, which represents the backbone of the institution, which covers all legal specializations at the local and international levels.

Corporate and businessmen services

 خدمات الشركات

1- Legal study

The legal study of the company is the main pillar to support the decision-making of businessmen and investors to ensure that it is based on sound legal foundations for its continuity and growth and to protect it against any potential risks in the future.

2- Establishing companies

  • As an agent for the company, Eslam Adel and his partners undertake all the procedures for establishing the company quickly and efficiently through a specialized work team 

  • Whether it is a company of funds, persons, or a joint stock company. We also register foreign companies in Egypt. 

  •  On the basis of which the type of legal liability of the founders and their tax treatment are determined

3- Corporate management and governance services

The Corporation establishes and sets the rules, systems and procedures that achieve the best protection and balance between the interests of the company's managers and its shareholders and other associated stakeholders.

الخدمات القانونية للمؤسسات ورجال الأعمال

4- Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions of companies now in Egypt are considered an absolute necessity for business growth, achieving profits, providing cash liquidity, and increasing foreign investment from hard currency. Mergers and acquisitions also allow merged companies to increase their competitive position.

Eslam Adel and his partners provide all legal services for mergers and acquisitions, represented in the following

  • Careful review of previous mergers and acquisitions. 

  • Identify potential buyers or sellers 

  • Prepare evaluation analysis. 

  • Preparation of financing options. 

  • Assistance in negotiations. 

  • Drafting merger contracts and agreements.

Signing Contract

5- Preparing, writing and documenting all local and international contracts, agreements and protocols

Our experience in the judicial dealings of contracts concluded with international companies in Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, England, the Emirates and Ireland with all parties that deal with them, whether private, governmental or international, to ensure the integrity and validity of their legal position and to secure them against any potential risks in the future

As an agent for the company, Eslam Adel & Partners Establishment undertakes all procedures and dealings with each of 

  • General Authority for Investment. 

  • The General Authority for Export and Import Control. 

  • The Capital Market Authority and the issuance and registration of share certificates, whether inside or outside the platform 

  • Organizing the internal management through the development of regulations to organize the workflow of the company in accordance with the law 

  • Issuance of work permits, licenses and industrial records from the Public Corporation for Industrial Development and Control of Exports and Imports 

  • Obtaining civil defense and fire approvals related to factories, agricultural and commercial institutions 

  • Obtaining industrial, environmental and chemical security laboratory approvals 

  • Social insurance, labor offices, industrial unions, trademark registration and registration at the Food Institute of the Ministry of Health

العقود والاتفاقيات والبروتوكولات المحلية والدولية
Judge Gavel

Litigation services

We have a team of the best lawyers in Egypt. 
We represent our clients in all types of legal and judicial disputes, such as criminal, civil, commercial, Sharia, labor and administrative cases, the State Council, and economic cases before economic courts of all degrees, local and international.

خدمات التقاضي 
الإستثمار الأجنبي

Banking services

As an agent for banks, Eslam Adel Law Firm considers all cases brought before commercial, economic and international arbitration courts and collects all bank debts in an amicable and judicial manner.

Bank loans (extraordinary and non-existent)

On behalf of the banks, we collect all types of debts (extraordinary - non-existent) from shares, securities and loans granted to the business sector or individuals, and we offer the best solutions to motivate parties or persons who defaulted on their debts.

Debt Collection:

Eslam Adel & Co., as an agent for banks, saves effort and time in collecting bad debts or emerging and non-bad debts quickly and effectively at home and abroad through our network of offices in cooperation with our partners in many countries. 

1- Collection of corporate debts 
We save companies and institutions a lot of effort and time in collecting bad debts or emerging and non-bad debts quickly and effectively inside and outside the Republic through the institution's contracts with its partners who cover many countries 
2- Collecting people's debts 
Collecting the debts of individuals is very troublesome. We collect debts for our individual clients, in addition to pursuing and following up to achieve our goals in a short period, because an effective policy for collecting receivables requires a formal system that guarantees the payment of accounts receivable

British Pounds
الخدمات المصرفية

Foreign investment

Providing legal advice to foreign investors in terms of the applicable regulations in Egypt. 
Preparing foreign investment and participation contracts, whatever law belongs to it. 
Registration of international companies, issuance of the necessary licenses, and representation in all that is necessary before the official and unofficial authorities in Egypt.

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